Danger Mouse



I Spy with My Little Eye

(Series 9 Episode 1)

Danger Mouse and Penfold are sent to the Arctic when Greenback threatens to melt the polar ice with sun lamps.

Bigfoot Falls

(Series 9 Episode 2)

Danger Mouse and Penfold are sent to track down a huge hairy monster that has been crushing the local villages. When they find it they discover he's actually friendly, but suffers from extreme bouts of sore-feet.

The Statue of Liberty Caper

(Series 9 Episode 3)

Danger Mouse is sent to stop Greenback who is behind the theft of America's greatest buildings.

Penfold Transformed

(Series 9 Episode 4)

Danger Mouse is sent to find Merlin's magic ink well which will grant the finder a wish.

A Dune with a View

(Series 9 Episode 5)

The Mark III runs out of gas, leaving DM and Penfold stranded in the Sahara Desert.

Don Coyote and Sancho Penfold

(Series 9 Episode 6)

While on holiday in Spain, Penfold is kidnapped by a mad Coyote who thinks he is Don Quixote. They go tilting at a windmill that happens to contain Baron Greenback's latest device for world domination.