Danger Mouse



The Invasion of Colonel 'K'

(Series 3 Episode 1)


Greenback shrinks himself and enters Colonel K's body to learn all of the Colonel's secrets.

Danger Mouse Saves the World...Again

(Series 3 Episode 2)

Danger Mouse is captured by Greenback when Greenback threatens to destroy all the world's signposts, and is subjected to a brain picker to remove all his thoughts.

The Oddball Runaround

(Series 3 Episode 3)

Greenback is determined to steal plans that Danger Mouse and Penfold are transporting from Australia to London.

The Strange Case of the Ghost Bus

(Series 3 Episode 4)

Danger Mouse is sent to the Indian Ocean to investigate several ship sinkings caused by ghost-like buses that vanish.

The Trip to America

(Series 3 Episode 5)

Danger Mouse travels to the United States where he teams up with a Texan to defeat Greenback, who has shrunk and stolen the world's greatest buildings.