Danger Mouse



Danger Mouse on the Orient Express

(Series 7 Episode 1)

Danger Mouse and Penfold travel on the Orient Express with a document they obtained from Greenback.

The Ultra Secret Secret

(Series 7 Episode 2)

Greenback offers to team up with Danger Mouse in order to thwart an alien invasion.

Duckula Meets Frankenstoat

(Series 7 Episode 3)

Count Duckula teams up with Dr Frankenstoat to take over the world with an army of robot vampoids.

Where There's a Well There's a Way

(Series 7 Episode 4)

Danger Mouse is sent to find Merlin's magic ink well which will grant the finder a wish.

All Fall Down

(Series 7 Episode 5)

Danger Mouse must recover plans to a top secret device capable of shattering the world.

Turn of the Tide

(Series 7 Episode 6)

Danger Mouse travels to the moon and discovers it has been turned into a scrap yard, which has caused the tide to change and flood the Earth.