We loooooove old cartoons. Nothing comes close to classic animation like the 'claymation' of Trapdoor, or the flowing pencil lines of Babar. Depending on our mood certaiin cartoons will have certain appeal. These are our current Top Four Classic Cartoons with a brief explanation as to what makes them so brilliant.

Bananaman Meets Dr. Gloom
(S01 E01)

This is the first ever episode of Bananman. That makes it an out and out classic. Three series later Eric and Bananaman are cult heroes. This is perhaps our most favourite classic cartoon of all time.

The Trapdoor - Breakfast Time
(S01 E01)

You'll probably notice a trend now. We love the early episodes of these classic cartoons. Trapdoor introduced us to 'claymation' and blew our little minds. 'Breakfast Time' again is the first and best in our view.

Danger Mouse Saves the World...Again (S03 E02)

He's the greastes, he's fantastic...of course we're talking about Danger Mouse. In his cool headquarters, his awesome car and his dopey sidekick everything about Danger Mouse screams 'Danger' and we love it.

SuperTed and the Elephants Graveyard (S01 E04)

One of the early SuperTed cartoons. We can't figure out why but this one always comes to mind. Maybe its the eerie nature of the graveyard, maybe its the affinity we have with SuperTed. All we know is its a classic.