Danger Mouse



Long Lost Crown Affair

(Series 5 Episode 1)

Greenback ruins a holiday for Danger Mouse and Penfold who are in the Amazon jungle searching for the long lost crown that belonged to an Aztec ruler.

By George it's a Dragon

(Series 5 Episode 2)

Danger Mouse and Penfold travel to Wales to battle a dragon called Jones.

Tiptoe Through the Penfolds

(Series 5 Episode 3)

Greenback tests his new duplication machine on Penfold, which malfunctions and leaves him with hundreds of Penfolds to deal with.

Project Moon

(Series 5 Episode 4)

Danger Mouse and Penfold journey to the moon to put a radio jamming station Greenback has built there out of operation.

The Next Ice Age Begins at Midnight

(Series 5 Episode 5)

Greenback threatens to use his weather control machine to create an ice age if he is not crowned king of the world.

The Aliens are Coming

(Series 5 Episode 6)

Danger Mouse and Penfold are chosen as Ambassadors to meet aliens and end up being terrorized by their giant toys.

Remote-Controlled Chaos

(Series 5 Episode 7)

Greenback makes a device to control Danger Mouse's car.

The Man from Gadget

(Series 5 Episode 8)

A salesman of gadgets for secret agents tries to sell Danger Mouse devices which will help him in reaching Greenback's hard to reach hideout.

Tampering with Time Tickles

(Series 5 Episode 9)

Greenback develops age-altering bombs which turn Danger Mouse into an over eager youth and puts Penfold on the verge of senility.

Nero Power

(Series 5 Episode 10)

Nero gains strange powers, which he uses to terrorize Danger Mouse and Penfold, after he falls into one of Greenback's inventions.