Bananaman Meets

Dr. Gloom

(Series 1 Episode 1)

Doctor Gloom, and General Blight plan to take over the world as soon as they have disposed of Bananaman. As Bananaman tries to stop them he is turned into a baby by Doctor Gloom's ray gun.

The Big Breakout

(Series 1 Episode 2)

With the help of underground criminal The Mole, the Heavy Mob break out of jail and escape through an underground tunnel. Bananaman follows in order to dispose of the Mole and capture the Heavy Mob.

Ice Station Zero

(Series 1 Episode 3)

Bananaman must stop The Weatherman from ruining England's nice day with his weather machine.

The Alien Planet

(Series 1 Episode 4)

King Zorg and his army of Nerks transport Bananaman to their home planet to give him the locations of all the military installations and chinese takeaways on the planet.

The Kidnap Caper

(Series 1 Episode 5)

General Blight kidnaps the chairman of the United Nations Christmas Club committee and chains him to a railway track, demanding billions of pounds of ransom money.

House on Hangman's Hill (Series 1 Episode 6)

Everybody thinks that the house on Hangman's Hill is haunted by a ghost. Bananaman is sent to investigate.

Destination Danger

(Series 1 Episode 7)

King Zorg steals the Early Warning satellite so nobody will be alerted to his latest Earth invasion.

Wall of Death

(Series 1 Episode 8)

The evil Weatherman makes it rain constantly, so the wall that protects Acacia Road will fall down, and allow hundreds of people to be flooded by the water. Bananaman is called into stop his evil scheme.

Jaws of Steel

(Series 1 Episode 9)

General Blight hires the cold-blooded killer Auntie to dispose of Bananaman following a meeting of criminals.

The Banana Kid

(Series 1 Episode 10)

Bananaman decides to hire a sidekick because he is so busy trying to save the world. But the interview process is put on hold when he receives news that a shark has invaded the local swimming pool.

Auntie's Back in Town

(Series 1 Episode 11)

Auntie returns and has another plan to defeat Bananaman.

Tunnel of Terror

(Series 1 Episode 12)

General Blight and Doctor Gloom plot to use a fairground machine to blow up Acacia Road police station. Eric is told of their evil plan and transforms into Bananaman to try and stop them before it is too late.