Danger Mouse



The Wild, Wild Goose Chase

(Series 4 Episode 1)

Danger Mouse finds a computerized hideout locator which leads him to Baron Greenback's hideouts.

The Return of Count Duckula

(Series 4 Episode 2)

Agent 57, the master of disguise, helps Danger Mouse defeat Count Duckula who has teamed up with Greenback to turn Parliament show-biz crazy.

Demons Aren't Dull

(Series 4 Episode 3)

A Demon from the 4th dimension dares Danger Mouse to stop him from stealing famous buildings.

150 Million Years Lost

(Series 4 Episode 4)

Danger Mouse must rescue Penfold after Professor Squakencluck's time machine sends Penfold back in time.

Planet of the Cats

(Series 4 Episode 5)

Greenback steals a growth serum from Professor Skwakencluck and with it creates giant chickens to take over the world once and for all. And for once Penfold saves the day!

Four Heads are Better than Two

(Series 4 Episode 6)

Colonel K teams Danger Mouse up with a robot Penfold and Penfold with a robot Danger Mouse so one pair can help Agent 57 and the other can capture Greenback.

Tower of Terror

(Series 4 Episode 7)

Danger Mouse tracks Greenback down to a New York skyscraper where strange things happen to the World's Greatest Secret Agent.

The Great Bone Idol

(Series 5 Episode 8)

Count Duckula and Greenback team up to find the Bone Idol which can control all the dogs in the world.

Public Enemy Number 1

(Series 4 Episode 9)

It is up to Penfold to stop Danger Mouse when he takes up a life of crime.