Danger Mouse



Once Upon a Time Slip

(Series 6 Episode 1)

Penfold and Dangermouse get transported to the year 1215AD thanks to a fluke in the narrorator's mic. They now have to act out a twisted version of Robin Starring Dangermouse as Robin Hood and Penfold as Little John.

Viva Danger Mouse

(Series 6 Episode 2)

Greenback raids Mexico's cacti to plant the pins in the most important cushions in Britain.

Play it Again, Wufgang

(Series 6 Episode 3)

Danger Mouse and Penfold go after a mad composer who has destroyed all the world's music.

Hear, Hear

(Series 6 Episode 4)

Penfold's hearing problems make him immune to a device that brainwashes anyone who hears Greenback's voice.

Multiplication Fable

(Series 6 Episode 5)

An alien pet escapes from a crash-landed spaceship and it multiplies whenever something touches it, making its capture difficult.

The Spy Who Stayed in with a Cold

(Series 6 Episode 6)

Agent 57 teams up with Danger Mouse to defeat Baron Greenback when Penfold stays home with a cold; the only problem is 57 gets it too and every time he sneezes he changes disguise.

It's All White, White Wonder

(Series 6 Episode 7)

An experimental enzyme escapes into the sewers and turns everything it comes in contact with white.

The Hickory Dickory Dock Dilemma

(Series 6 Episode 8)

Danger Mouse and Penfold end up in a time-traveling clock when they investigate an attempted robbery of the crown jewels.

What a Three-Point Turn-Up for the Books

(Series 6 Episode 9)

Danger Mouse goes after his car, which has taken off on its own, keeping Danger Mouse from attending an award ceremony.

Quark! Quark!

(Series 6 Episode 10)

Penfold is instrumental in keeping alien, J.J. Quark, from taking over the Earth.

'Alping is Snow Easy Matter

(Series 6 Episode 11)

Greenback is melting the polar ice caps to cause a flood and open up a market to sell rubber rafts at inflated prices.

Aaargh! Spiders!

(Series 6 Episode 12)

With Greenback on vacation, Stiletto uses a ray to create giant spiders to take over London.

One of Our Stately Homes is Missing

(Series 6 Episode 13)

Danger Mouse assists Bleep. Bleep recovers an old English home that is being held for ransom.

Afternoon Off - With the Fangboner

(Series 6 Episode 14)

The alien J.J. Quark returns and sends a Fangboner to attack Danger Mouse.

Beware of Mexicans Delivering Milk

(Series 6 Episode 15)

Penfold must defeat El Loco after he drugs Danger Mouse's milk.


(Series 6 Episode 16)

Greenback creates a mechanical cat that kidnaps Colonel K.

The Good, The Bad and The Motionless

(Series 6 Episode 17)

Danger Mouse investigates strange goings-on at Stonehenge only to battle his evil alter-ego.


(Series 6 Episode 18)

Greenback devises a ray that animates London's statues and causes them to wreak havoc.

The Clock Strikes Back

(Series 6 Episode 19)

The clock returns with Merlin's predecessor as its passenger and it's up to Danger Mouse and Penfold to stop the wizard from taking over the world.

Ee! Tea!

(Series 6 Episode 20)

Greenback has London at a standstill after he steals all of the world's tea.

Bandits, Beans and Ballyhoo!

(Series 6 Episode 21)

Unpacking from a holiday in Mexico, Penfold discovers El Loco hiding in his suitcase. El Loco gets loose and goes on a crime spree in London.

Have You Fled Any Good Books Lately?

(Series 6 Episode 22)

Penfold's gift from J.J. Quark sets monsters after Danger Mouse and Penfold.

Tut, Tut, It's Not Pharaoh

(Series 6 Episode 23)

Greenback sets out to steal an ancient Egyptian amulet which Danger Mouse and Penfold have been sent to find.

Lost, Found and Spellbound 

(Series 6 Episode 24)

Danger Mouse battles a witch doctor when he and Penfold go to rescue Professor Squakencluck whose plane crashed in the China sea.

Penfold, B.F

(Series 6 Episode 25)

Penfold swallows Professor Squakencluck's new pill and is turned into a super hero which causes Danger Mouse more problems than usual as he searches for a lost messenger pigeon.

Mechanised Mayhem

(Series 6 Episode 26)

Under orders from a super computer, all the world's machines mutiny and refuse to do their jobs.

Journey to the Earth's...Cor!

(Series 6 Episode 27)

Penfold and Danger Mouse journey to the center of the Earth to stop a loud noise that originates there.