Left Behind

(Series 4 Episode 1)

The toys come back from holiday, but where is Johnson?


All At Sea

(Series 4 Episode 2)

The toys have a pirate adventure and sail the seven seas in Michael's bedroom.


The Big Surprise

(Series 4 Episode 3)

Squeaky is up to something and the toys try to find out what it is.


Victoria Gets Swapped

(Series 4 Episode 4)

Victoria is swapped by Michael's sister, and it's up to the toys to get her back.


The Thinker

(Series 4 Episode 5)

Johnson loves thinking but it sometimes gets him into trouble.


The Hypnotist

(Series 3 Episode 6)

Johnson experiments with magic tricks and tries to hypnotise McDuff.


Little Red Riding Hood

(Series 4 Episode 7)

The toys love stories and one day when they tell Squeaky all about Little Red Riding Hood, they act out all the parts.


The Telephone Exchange

(Series 4 Episode 8)

McDuff is fascinated by the telephone out in the hallway, so she makes each toy their own phone.


Putting out the Rubbish

(Series 4 Episode 9)

The bedroom is full of rubbish so the toys decide to tidy up.