Diesel Tries to Fly

(Series 3 Episode 1)

When McDuff sticks some wings on Diesel, the toy truck thinks he can fly and all the toys are in danger.


Dinosaur Tracks

(Series 3 Episode 2)

Squeaky's good at guarding the bedroom, but what are these tracks? Has she let a dinosaur into their room?


The Pink Thread

(Series 3 Episode 3)

The toys follow the pink thread and discover a real treasure at the end of it - JOHNSON. He's unravelling!


Melissa's Dinosaur

(Series 3 Episode 4)

Michael's older sister, Melissa, has a toy dinosuar, Victoria, who all the toys are very keen to meet.


Diesel Who?

(Series 3 Episode 5)

After a nasty crash, Diesel loses his memory and the toys must find it fast before he leaves the bedroom forever.


The Homecoming

(Series 3 Episode 6)

After a visit to the shop with Michael, McDuff feels very superior. How can the toys get her back to her old self again?


The Three Little Pigs

(Series 3 Episode 7)

When the toys act out the story of the three little pigs for Squeaky, Alfred gets to play the wicked wolf.


Disappearing Act

(Series 3 Episode 8)

Johnson has a brand new magic trick but it confuses the toys even more than usual.


Growing Up

(Series 3 Episode 9)

Squeaky finds a bird's egg on the window sill and decideds to hatch it all by herself.


The Flood

(Series 3 Episode 10)

It's been raining for days and now the toys must save the bedroom from the threatening flood.


The Toy Orchestra

(Series 3 Episode 11)

When Diesel learns to play the drum, he drives the other toys crazy before he learns how to make music.


The Money Box

(Series 3 Episode 12)

When Michael loses the money he's saved for a Mother's Day present, the toys decide to help him out.


The Television Set

(Series 3 Episode 13)

When a television set appears in the bedroom, the toys are hooked in seconds flat and lose all interest in anything else.


The Toy Hospital

(Series 3 Episode 14)

When McDuff gets broken and taken to the hospital, the toys wonder if she'll ever come back.


A Trip to the Moon

(Series 3 Episode 15)

The toys build a space ship for a trip to the moon and enjoy the best adventure they've ever had.


The Loose Tooth

(Series 3 Episode 16)

Michael loses his tooth and the toys are worried he'll be thrown away. Can they replace the tooth before he awakes?


The Fancy Dress Party

(Series 3 Episode 17)

Alfred is having a fancy dress party but Johnson can't find a thing to wear. Will he miss out on the party?


The Art Exhibition

(Series 3 Episode 18)

Johnson organises an art exhibition but Diesel doesn't know what to paint.


Finders Keepers

(Series 3 Episode 19)

The toys love playing with cardboard boxes. This is the best box yet, but who's going to get it?


Leaving Home

(Series 3 Episode 20)

Michael stops playing with Diesel when he gets a pedal car, so Diesel decides to leave home.


Sock Soup

(Series 3 Episode 21)

When Johnson organises a toy dinner party in the bedroom, the toys enjoy a social occasion they will never forget.


The Train Conductor

(Series 3 Episode 22)

The toys proudly present Alfred with a real train set for his birthday but now he won't let them travel on it.


The Fun Run

(Series 3 Episode 23)

The toys organise a fun run around the bedroom but it's such a long course that everyone starts to cheat.


The Crying Baby

(Series 3 Episode 24)

Michael's Aunt and Uncle have left their new baby in the care of Michael's family for a short time, how will the toys react?


Bringing Up Baby

(Series 3 Episode 25)

McDuff and Diesel pretend Michael's hammer is their baby, and constantly harass Johnson and Alfred. But Johnson has a trick up his sleeve.


Going Away

(Series 3 Episode 26)

Michael's family is going on holiday, and Michael is allowed to bring his toys under one condition - he has to clean his room!