(Series 1 Episode 1)

One day Johnson decided to find a friend and so began the best times ever.

Under the Bed

(Series 1 Episode 2)

The toys never knew what they might find - there was no better adventure than going under the bed.

Best of Friends

(Series 1 Episode 3)

Johnson, Diesel, and McDuff were the best of friends - even though they didn’t always agree on what to do.

The Thing Outside

(Series 1 Episode 4)

McDuff did a very brave thing and got a medal and Squeaky found a home


(Series 1 Episode 5)

Diesel has an accident and is miserable - Diesel’s friends help out.

Moving House

(Series 1 Episode 6)

Squeaky didn’t want to move house - but when she did she was very pleased.

Playing Games

(Series 1 Episode 7)

McDuff was no good at playing games. She wasn’t good at anything - or so she thought!

The Birthday Present

(Series 1 Episode 8)

Toys don’t get presents so they all wanted Michael’s Birthday present – desperately!


(Series 1 Episode 9)

First a heatwave, then a storm. Could the toys shut the window and avert a flood?


(Series 1 Episode 10)

All the toys wanted a ride on Michael’s skateboard and no one wanted to share - that meant trouble!


The Picnic

(Series 1 Episode 11)

Johnson organised a picnic by the window - what a brilliant idea and what a picnic!


Cleaning Day

(Series 1 Episode 12)

On cleaning day Michael’s parents emptied the waste paper basket into the rubbish bin. But where was McDuff?