Camping Trip

(Series 2 Episode 1)

Johnson and Friends go camping in the great outdoors indoors!



(Series 2 Episode 2)

McDuff had a secret and the toys were desperate to know what it was. Would she ever tell?



(Series 2 Episode 3)

Alfred was homeless and had nowhere to go – how could the toys keep him from being thrown away?


Battle of the Bed

(Series 2 Episode 4)

On top of the bed Alfred lorded it over the whole room as the toys prepared their battle plans.


Crying Wolf

(Series 2 Episode 5)

Diesel loved playing nasty tricks and the toys had to teach him a lesson he’d never forget.


A Case of Trust

(Series 2 Episode 6)

McDuff had lost her medal. Who had taken it? All the toys were under suspicion.


Being Good

(Series 2 Episode 7)

When Diesel tried to be good, the bedroom was in greater danger than usual.


Baby of the Family

(Series 2 Episode 8)

Squeaky was the strongest toy in the bedroom but a real baby – how could the toys keep her safe?


The Concert

(Series 2 Episode 9)

There was a show under the bed. It started that night and all the toys had STAGEFRIGHT!


Blast Off

(Series 2 Episode 10)

Michael had to go to hospital and Johnson wanted to go with him – but how?


The Birthday Party

(Series 2 Episode 11)

When the toys organised a surprise birthday party for Johnson, they forgot to tell him – disaster.


The Big Freeze

(Series 2 Episode 12)

It was the coldest day in Michael’s bedroom ever and the toys just had to get warm… somehow.


Operation Squeaky

(Series 2 Episode 13)

Johnson and his friends wanted to fix Squeaky’s circuits but they didn’t know how.


Buried Treasure

(Series 2 Episode 14)

The toys sail the seven seas of Michael’s bedroom in search of buried treasure.