Postman Pat

Pat and the Hole in the Road

(Series 2 Episode 1)

Mr Pringle has been teaching the children about volcanoes and earthquakes. The next day this makes Pat think about holes in the road. While on his rounds, he gets diverted round in a big circle.

Postman Pat and the Suit of Armour

(Series 2 Episode 2)

Garner Hall is opening to the public. Ted builds a shiny suit of metal armour and when he decides tries the suit on, he can't see where he's going! He crashes about, making an awful clanking noise!

Postman Pat in a Muddle

(Series 2 Episode 3)

A huge parcel arrives at the Post Office and it squashes Pat's glasses after he puts them down on the counter. Mrs Goggins lends Pat one of her old pairs of glasses. Pat still can't see properly, meaning he can't read or drive.

Postman Pat Misses the Show

(Series 2 Episode 4)

The villagers prepare for a Greendale arts show. Ted lends Pat some clay but it makes a mess! Pat makes a clay sculpture of Jess. When he is travels to the art show, his van runs out of petrol.

Postman Past Follows a Trail

(Series 2 Episode 5)

Pat finds a long string across the road and follows it to see where it leads. It leads to a tree where Katy and Tom's kite is stuck. Pat needs to find someone with a ladder to rescue the kite.

Postman Pat has the Best Village

(Series 2 Episode 6)

The villagers prepare to enter a best village competition. Will Greendale win first prize - and where has Ted's lorry got to?

Pat Paints the Ceiling

(Series 2 Episode 7)

Pat offers to paint the ceiling for Granny Dryden. Some paint spills down Pat's trousers! Pat goes home to change and gets an odd pair of trousers and Sarah can't help laughing. 

Postman Pat has too Many Parcels

(Series 2 Episode 8)

Mail order madness has taken over Greendale, meaning Pat has a lot more parcels than usual. Ted devises a motorised scooter to make Pat's job easier but it proves to be more trouble than it's worth...

Postman Pat and the Big Surprise

(Series 2 Episode 9)

Pat does some gardening before work. When he tries to remove a weed, he sprains his back and Sara calls Dr Gilbertson in. Pat needs a day in bed so Sara offers to take the post instead.

Postman Pat and the Robot

(Series 2 Episode 10)

Ted invents a new robot postman to help give Pat a rest. When it goes out for its test run and arrives at the Post Office, it scares Mrs Goggins. When it gets loaded with post, it causes havoc over Greendale.

Postman Pat takes Flight

(Series 2 Episode 11)

The Major Forbes prepares for a film show about his balloon flights across the world. When Pat arrives at Garner Hall, the Major asks Pat to climb onto the roof, untangle the string and cast him off into the sky.

Postman Pat and the Beast of Greendale

(Series 2 Episode 12)

Who is this strange creature causing havoc all over Greendale?

Postman Pat and the Mystery Tour

(Series 2 Episode 13)

Pat is to take Mr Pringle and the school children on a Mystery Tour. Where will they end up?