Postman Pat

Pat Takes the Bus

(10th Aniversary Special Episode 1)

Pat goes to the Post Office to collect his brand new vehicle, a Royal Mail Post Bus. He has offers to take some of his friends on a shopping trip into Ingledale.

Postman Pat and the Toy Soldiers

(10th Anniversary Special Episode 2)

There has been a robbery at Garner Hall and the Major Forbes' toy soldiers have been stolen. Pat calls to deliver a parcel with some new toy soldiers but leaves the wrong parcels

Postman Pat and the Tuba

(1994 Specials Episode 3)

Pat goes to search Granny Dryden's attic and finds an old tuba, which gives him a bright idea for Greendale's annual fete. When Pat learns to play the tuba, it makes an awful noise!

Postman Pat and the Barometer

(1994 Specials Episode 4)

Pat's barometer says snow is due. No-one believes him but as Mr. Pringle and the schoolchildren are out on a hike it turns out the barometer was right after all...