Postman Pat

Pat's Finding Day

(Series 1 Episode 1)

Pat calls to the Post Office and today most of the post is for Katy and Tom because it their birthday.

Postman Pat and the Magpie Hen

(Series 1 Episode 2)

Pat stops for a picnic lunch near Thompson Ground halfway through his round. He falls asleep in the warm sunshine. Some hens cause mischief, one takes Pat's sandwiches and the other takes Pat's keys!

Postman Pat's Birthday

(Series 1 Episode 3)

Pat always thought he had managed to keep the date of his birthday to himself. He tells Jess not to give his secret away. When he arrives at the Post Office, all of the post is for Pat.

Pat's Rainy Day

(Series 1 Episode 4)

It has been raining very heavily in Greendale. Even the letters are wet when Pat goes to the Post Office to collect them. Later Pat is stopped when a road has to be cleared of a blockage of mud.

The Sheep in the Clover Field

(Series 1 Episode 5)

Pat is having a late day after his van gets stuck in the mud. When he arrives at the Post Office, Mrs Goggins shows him a newspaper article about Major Forbes' bull. 

Pat's Tractor Express

(Series 1 Episode 6)

Pat has to deliver some eggs and a registered letter to some campers. The letter is too valuble to leave and the campers are at the waterfall.

Pat's Thirsty Day

(Series 1 Episode 7)

All of Greendale's water supply has had to be turned off. When Pat arrives at the Post Office, Mrs Goggins gives him some lemonade to quench his thirst.

Pat's Windy Day

(Series 1 Episode 8)

Pat finds it hard to steer his van in such a big wind. A fallen tree blocks the road and Peter goes to borrow a chainsaw from the forestry commision to cut the tree up. 

Pat's Foggy Day

(Series 1 Episode 9)

There is a thick fog in Greendale. Pat feels foolish when he thinks a scarecrow is Ted and gives him a letter. When Pat calls at the church, Jess gets out the van.

Pat's Difficult Day

(Series 1 Episode 10)

Pat's alarm-clock fails to wake him up. Miss Hubbard passing by outside rings her bicycle bell to wake him up. Pat has to rush out to work in a hurry!

Pat goes Sledging

(Series 1 Episode 11)

Heavy snow has fallen in Greendale and Peter has to clear the roads with his tractor and bulldozer blade. When Pat calls to see Mrs Pottage, everyone has to help dig the snow away

Letters on Ice

(Series 1 Episode 12)

Another snowfall has fallen in Greendale. Ted lends Pat some old skates that belonged to Bert in Australia. When the road is blocked, Pat has to skate over the ice to deliver the post.

Pat Takes a Message

(Series 1 Episode 13)

Pat calls to collect an Australian stamp from the Reverend Timms, who will be visitng London to meet his sister Elsie from Australia.