Disaster at Devil's Cove

(Series 3 Episode 1)

Dr Gloom and General Blight are at it again. This time around sees Crow being captured and a ship of bananas fearing its doom.

Night of the Nerks

(Series 3 Episode 2)

King Zorg plots with General Blight to take over the world by unleashing his army of Nerks on the planet, where they take over the roles of policemen, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, and TV readers.

The Snowman Cometh

(Series 3 Episode 3)

The Pirate TV Station

(Series 3 Episode 4)

General Blight takes over the TV and forces the newsreader to tell the world not to help old ladies across the road, not to brush your teeth, not to eat spinach and (gasp) not to eat bananas.

The Battle of the Bridge

(Series 3 Episode 5)

General Blight teams up with the weatherman to try and cause mayhem without counting on the presence of our banana hero.

Harbour of Lost Ships

(Series 3 Episode 6)

Visibility Zero

(Series 3 Episode 7)

Dr Gloom discovers a way for General Blight to sabotage and perhaps once and for all destroy Bananaman by making him invisible.

Battle of the Century

(Series 3 Episode 8)

The Peril of Ping Pong

(Series 3 Episode 9)

Fiona is captured by the gigantic ape Ping Pong in the jungle, so Bananaman has to rescue her.

The Great Air Race

(Series 3 Episode 10)

Cavern of the Lost

(Series 3 Episode 11)

Bananaman sets out for the north face of the mountain Igor, where several mountaineers have recently vanished. The evil Snowman has put them to work in the Cavern of the Lost, making them build gigantic robot snowmen to attack Earth with!

Clown Capers

(Series 3 Episode 12)

Banana Junction

(Series 3 Episode 13)

The Crown Jewel Caper

(Series 3 Episode 14)

The Heavy Mob are out of jail and plan to steal the Crown Jewels. Once again, it's all up to Bananaman...

Operation Total

(Series 3 Episode 15)