Mystery at the Old Mine

(Series 2 Episode 1)

There's a mystery at the old mine - somebody is digging away with a powerful machine, and if it isn't stopped, the whole town will collapse! Bananaman goes to investigate...

Lost Tribe of the Tapiocas

(Series 2 Episode 2)

Far away in the jungles of the Banana Republic, Eric's favourite TV reporter Fiona is looking for the Lost Tribe of the Tapiocas. Will Bananaman be able to save her when she is kidnapped?

Trouble at the Mill

(Series 2 Episode 3)

Doctor Gloom creates a new villain called Appleman and orders him to seek out and destroy Bananaman. Appleman takes Eric and Samantha hostage in order to find out the location of Bananaman, not realising that Eric is Bananaman.

The Web of Evil

(Series 2 Episode 4)

The Mummy's Curse

(Series 2 Episode 5)

Eric goes on a school trip to the museum and runs into General Blight and Aunty, who are planning on stealing the exhibit of Egyptian treasure. Eric eats a banana and transforms into Bananaman to try and foil their scheme.

The Night Patrol

(Series 2 Episode 6)

Fog of Fear

(Series 2 Episode 7)

A mysterious thick fog consumes Acacia Road. Bananaman investigates and finds that it is the work of the Weatherman, who has teamed up with General Blight.

A Tank Full of Trouble

(Series 2 Episode 8)

Double Trouble

(Series 2 Episode 9)

General Blight hires the cold-blooded killer Auntie to dispose of Bananaman following a meeting of criminals.

The Last Banana

(Series 2 Episode 10)

Eric finds out there is a shortage of bananas so he uses his last banana to transform into Bananaman, he flies to the Banana Republic and finds out that the sinister General Blight is behind a banana disease that is affecting the export of bananas.

Intergalactic Olympics

(Series 2 Episode 11)

Bananaman goes to the Intergalatic Olympics.

The Final Orbit

(Series 2 Episode 12)

King Zorg has a new secret weapon - a large magnet he plans to use to spin the Earth anti-clockwise! Unluckily for Zorg, Bananaman is in space just as his battle cruiser sets off to dominate the world...