Private Beak

(Series 3 Episode 1)

Duckula becomes a private eye at Chicago, Illinois after reading a bunch of detective stories, but learns the hard way that it's not all fun and Games.

Astro Duck

(Series 3 Episode 2)

Duckula's new supercomputer accidentally launches a rocket into space.

Unreal Estate

(Series 3 Episode 3)

Duckula, sick of the old castle, transports it to California so that he can sell it and make a big profit. He has trouble finding a buyer, though, since Igor, not wanting to leave the castle, shows all the buyers the torture rooms.

Bombay Duck

(Series 3 Episode 4)

Duckula, Igor, and Nanny are lured on a decoy treasure hunt by a genie. Meanwhile, the genie's master steals the coffin from the castle so that he can woo the local princess

There are Werewolves at the Bottom of our Garden

(Series 3 Episode 5)

Towser, the castle werewolf, has escaped. Duckula has to find him while at the same time dealing with a witch and a robot werewolf designed by Von Goosewing.

Duck Ahoy

(Series 3 Episode 6)

Duckula and co. enter a yacht race for a substantial prize.

The Great Ductective

(Series 3 Episode 7)

Von Goosewing, in his ever-going attempt to discredit Duckula as a monster, frames him for the murder of his "great aunt, Gretchen Von Edelweiss", and sets two detectives named Hawkeye Sholmes and Dr. Potson, to prove it

Dead Eye Duck

(Series 3 Episode 8)

Duckula, sick of the cold Transylvanian weather, transports the castle to Colorado. Here he, Igor, and Nanny find themselves in the wild west.

The Show Must Go On

(Series 3 Episode 9)

Duckula enlists the help of the Crow Brothers to put on a stage show.

A Christmas Quacker

(Series 3 Episode 10)

Christmas has come to Castle Duckula, but there is chaos: Duckula hallucinates that he and superhero Tremendous Terrance save Santa from a monster. Von Goosewing has a "present" for the Count

The Rest is HIstory

(Series 3 Episode 11)

The Count goes back in time to stop the first Count Duckula from becoming a vampire.

00 Duck

(Series 3 Episode 12)

The Egg, an evil mastermind, needs the castle as part of his plan for world conquest. To distract Duckula, he sends him on a fake spy mission.

Mystery Cruise

(Series 3 Episode 13)

Nanny has won a trip for 3 on a luxury cruise ship. Nanny causes so many incidents that all the other people on the ship hide until she leaves the ship.