No Sax Please - We're Egyptian

(Series 1 Episode 1)

After being told the tales of a mystic saxophone with great powers, Count Duckula heads onward towards Egypt to find such a sax, unaware that the powers of said saxophone are those very same which bring back the dead.​

Vampire Vacation

(Series 1 Episode 2)

Count Duckula is fed up with the rain in Transylvania and decides to go on a vacation to Spain to visit his cousin, Don Diego, but as he does, Dr. Von Goosewing tags along, unbeknownst to Duckula.

One Stormy Night

(Series 1 Episode 3)

Von Goosewing has created a creature to kill Duckula, but it won't start, so Von Goosewing abandons the work, until it wakes up on its own unbeknownst to Von Goosewing and acts in a sad and melancholy manner.

Transylvanian Homesick Blues

(Series 1 Episode 4)

Count Duckula and his servants decide to go to the fairgrounds for a bit of fun, when Duckula sees a roller-coaster ride which he wants to try out.

Restoration Comedy

(Series 1 Episode 5)

To Igor's displeasure, the Count has hired Mr. Roberto to renovate the castle. He wants to make it less evil-looking.

The Mutinous Penguins

(Series 1 Episode 6)

The Castle Duckula has gone missing and Count Duckula decides that he and his servants must go and get it back. In order to do this, he hires a crew of motley-looking piratical penguins

Dr. Von Goosewing's Invisible Ray

(Series 1 Episode 7)

Von Goosewing has built an invisible ray, which he plans to use to get rid of Duckula. Meanwhile, Duckula, Igor, and Nanny argue about magic tricks and spells.

Down Under Duckula

(Series 1 Episode 8)

Duckula decides that Nanny needs psychiatric help, so he transports the caste to Austria in the hopes of finding some. Unfortunatly, the castle transoprts itself to Australia instead.

All in a Fog

(Series 1 Episode 9)

Duckula decides he wants to become a famous detective, like Sherlock Holmes, so he, Nanny, and Igor travel to London.

Castle Duckula: Open to the Public

(Series 1 Episode 10)

Duckula decides to raise money to pay off back taxes by opening the castle to the public. This opportunity to enter the castle gives Von Goosewing the chance he has been looking for to finally capture Duckula.

'The Ghost of McCastle McDuckula

(Series 6 Episode 11)

While in Scotland looking for the Loch Ness Monster, Duckula meets another vampire duck (Who looks a lot like Dr. Goosewing.) and is taken to his haunted castle.

Igor's Busy Day

(Series 1 Episode 12)

A couple whose car has broken down seek shelter in the castle, and causes Igor to think fondly about the good old evil days.


(Series 1 Episode 13)

In another money-making attempt, Duckula opens the castle as a bed and breakfast. When business is slow, he decides to attract more tourists by breaking the land speed record

The Vampire Strikes Back

(Series 1 Episode 14)

Count Duckula collects tokens from cereal boxes to buy a space helmet when Von Goosewings's diabolical plot to blast Castle Duckula beyond  reacts with Nanny's home-brewed Sarsparilla and launches the castle into space.

Hardluck Hotel

(Series 1 Episode 15)

When the Transylvanian currency loses its value, Duckula decides to take a vacation out of the country. While looking for a place to stay the night, he runs into a hotel manager that is almost exactly like Basil Fawlty

The Hunchbudgie of Notre Dame

(Series 1 Episode 16)

While in Paris, Duckula buys the Eiffel Tower and becomes wrapped up in a heist to steal the Mona Lisa orchestrated by Gaston and Pierre.

Dear Diary

(Series 1 Episode 17)

Duckula decides to have his ancestors' memoirs published. But no one believes the stories to be true, which upsets Duckula.

Rent a Butler

(Series 1 Episode 18)

Duckula decides to make some money by renting out Igor and Nanny to other people as servants. He ends up regretting this when he finds himself alone in the castle.

Jungle Duck

(Series 1 Episode 19)

Duckula travels to Africa to find the treasure of an ancient hidden city.

Mobile Home

(Series 1 Episode 20)

Some wealthy American tourists visit castle Duckula and decide they want to buy it. Not knowing that it has a transport mechanism, they accept the Crow Brothers' offer to transport the castle to America in pieces.

A Fright at the Opera

(Series 1 Episode 21)

While visiting the Milan Opera House, Duckula, Nanny, and Igor run into the mysterious phantom. The phantom's servant turns out to be an old school chum of Igor. The action picks up as the Phantom kidnaps Nanny.

Dr. Goosewing and Mr. Duck

(Series 1 Episode 22)

Von Goosewing's latest invention is a formula that can change people's characters, though it was really a simple carpet shampoo that has strange effects. He slips it to Duckula by means of putting it in his milk bottles.

Town Hall Terrors

(Series 1 Episode 23)

Realizing that the castle needs major repairs, Duckula goes to the town council to get a grant to repair it. When he gets the grant, he gives the money to some tricksters who build a railroad right through the castle.

Sawdust Ring

(Series 1 Episode 24)

Duckula decides to enter the circus. Unfortunately, the former circus workers come back to sabotage the performance.

Duck and the Broccoli Stalk

(Series 1 Episode 25)

Von Goosewing plans to use a growth formula to grow a huge clove of garlic next to the castle to kill Duckula. He spills some on Duckula's broccoli by accident and it grows

Family Reunion

(Series 1 Episode 26)

Duckula is hosting the Duckula family reunion. He is scared that the others will kill him for being a vegetarian instead of a blood-sucker. When his plan to fool them goes wrong, he (in disguise) makes a deal with Von Goosewing