(Series 2 Episode 1)

Berk and Rog find themselves in a food fight with a Trap Door monster.

Oh Globbits

(Series 2 Episode 2)

Berk has plumbing troubles.

Moany Boni

(Series 2 Episode 3)

Boni has an "in-body experience" at the hands of a powerful Trap Door monster.

The Horrible Thing

(Series 2 Episode 4)

A game of hide-and-go-seek turns nasty when a new Trap Door creature oozes in.

Not Very Nice

(Series 2 Episode 5)

Berk accidentally drops one of the Master's eyeballs down the Trap Door and must go retrieve it.


(Series 2 Episode 6)

The Castle has a pest-control problem; can Berk exterminate millions of bugs?

Yum Yum

(Series 2 Episode 7)

Berk banishes Drutt through the Trap Door, but has a change of heart.

Birthday Surprise!

(Series 2 Episode 8)

Drutt's got quite a surprise for everyone on Boni's birthday: babies!

The Stupid Thing

(Series 2 Episode 9)

It's a very messy day in the Castle when a Stupid Thing drops in to make trouble.


(Series 2 Episode 10)

Berk receives his comeuppance for years of improper waste disposal.

A very weird Lump emerges from the Trap Door, and everyone tries to figure out just what it is exactly.

The Lump

(Series 2 Episode 11)

The Splund

(Series 2 Episode 12)

A crazy Trap Door fiend threatens Boni and Drutt, until Berk solves the problem neatly.

Nasty Beasty

(Series 2 Episode 13)

A strange hairy Thing makes trouble in the Castle.

What a Weirdo

(Series 2 Episode 14)

A Weird Thing pops out of the Trap Door with quite an appetite.

The Big Red Thing

(Series 2 Episode 15)

Rog has it out with a beastly Trap Door monster, but who will win?