Breakfast Time

(Series 1 Episode 1)

Two monsters run amok while Berk tries to make breakfast.

Slither, Wriggle and Writhe

(Series 1 Episode 2)

A Tentacled Thing botches up Berk's plans to build some shelves.

Food for Thort

(Series 1 Episode 3)

Thort, the Master's favorite maneating plant, needs to be fed.


(Series 1 Episode 4)

Berk, Boni, and Drutt go fishing, and strike an acquaintance with Rog, a gentle Trap Door monster.

Gourmet's Delight

(Series 1 Episode 5)

Berk has a run-in with an invisible creature while cleaning up after making a "Gourmet's Delight" for the Master.

Creepy Crawly

(Series 1 Episode 6)

A giant spider complicates Berk's day, and Drutt comes in handy for once.

The Big Thing

(Series 1 Episode 7)

"The Big Thing" is none other than Rog, who's come back for a visit.


(Series 1 Episode 8)

Berk casts a magical spell, summoning "Ghoulies" that haunt the Workroom.

The Dose

(Series 1 Episode 9)

A Trap Door monster drinks 'Im Upstairs' cold medicine.

The Thingy

(Series 1 Episode 10)

A horrid monster that shoots strange rays from its eyes visits the Workroom.

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

(Series 1 Episode 11)

Boni is kidnapped by a Trap Door monster - or is he?

Fester Rancid

(Series 1 Episode 12)

A repeat offender from the Trap Door is back and he's making trouble for Boni.

The Pain

(Series 1 Episode 13)

While Berk deals with the Master's toothache, Drutt finds himself in hot water

The Little Thing

(Series 1 Episode 14)

Can Berk catch a noisy Little Thing before it wakes 'Im Upstairs?

Don't Open That Trapdoor

(Series 1 Episode 15)

Berk listens to the Trap Door theme song on the radio while the Workroom is visited by dozens of monsters from Down Below.

Junk Food

(Series 1 Episode 16)

Rog makes trouble for Berk when he invites himself into the Master's bedroom in search of a snack.


(Series 1 Episode 17)

Berk gets to witness the Miracle of Nature, in the form of disgusting Trap Door Monster eggs being laid and hatching in the Workroom.

Flyin' Wotsit Fingy

(Series 1 Episode 18)

A green batlike creature eludes Berk, who tries to catch it before it gets into the Master's bedroom.

Strange Goings On

(Series 1 Episode 19)

Boni goes on an unexpected tour of the world beneath the Trap Door.

Midnight Snack

(Series 1 Episode 20)

Berk plots revenge on some hungry monsters who have trashed the castle.

Nasty Stuff

(Series 1 Episode 21)

When a potion goes wrong, Berk undergoes a monstrous transformation.

Sniff That

(Series 1 Episode 22)

Berk needs some assistance unblocking a stubborn drain.

Vile Pile

(Series 1 Episode 23)

All the years of Berk throwing nasty rubbish down the Trap Door results in a monster made entirely of garbage dropping in uninvited.

Slightly Weird

(Series 1 Episode 24)

Berk has some trouble gathering ingredients for the Master's breakfast.

Bye Bye Berk

(Series 1 Episode 25)

At the end of his rope, Berk resolves to quit and leave the castle forever.